Greece is situated at the far south of the Balkan Peninsula in Europe, on the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for being the seat of modern European civilisation - its ancient influence is still felt in art, politics, literature and philosophy today. Greece is characterised by its stunning natural beauty, including rocky mountain ranges and the beautiful, bright blue seas of the Mediterranean and Ionian seas which are great for watersports and sailing. Attractions include ancient archaeological sites of Greek wonders such as the Parthenon in Athens, which offer a glimpse back into the fascinating past of this country. Two of the most popular tourist areas in Greece are the islands of Corfu and Skiathos.

Corfu is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Many tourists are drawn to it's stunning beaches and beautiful landscapes. The coast is clean with deep blue shores. Kerkyra, also known as 'Corfu Town' is the main town and close to the airport. Corfu's climate is mild and healthy, without dramatic changes, and is classified as a temperate, marine climate.

Skiathos is a beautiful, wooded island, far greener than one would expect a Greek island to be. It has between 60 and 70 fine sandy beaches, many of which have not become overcrowded and some of which can be virtually empty, even in the height of summer. At the eastern end of the island is the main town, also called Skiathos, surrounding a well sheltered harbour. In Skiathos town you can find everything. It is a thriving, cosmopolitan centre that hums with energy during the summer months contrasting nicely with the lazy beach days.